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Helping or hovering?

Sophomore Devin Jellish sits down at her desk to start her math homework. She starts the first problem when she hears her mom yell from upstairs asking if she’s started her work yet. Devin sighs and replies with a yes and starts again on her work. Fifteen minutes later her …

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Parting advice

Returning students, read this: Seniors on The Talon staff share lessons they’ve learned from four years of high school   Rachel Bartz When it comes to graduating, many of us seniors wish we had been given advice about how to conquer high school in the most effective and entertaining way. …

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Valentine’s Day: Ask the pros

Seniors and relationship experts Aaron Williams and Nate Angulo answer the tough relationship questions Robert, sophomore: Hey guys, I asked this girl out the other day, and she said yes! I was planning on taking her to a movie. What movie do you recommend? Aaron: Perfect. For your date night, …

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