Controversial scanners

New security system good addition to airports By Meera Goswitz Talon staff writer Take off your shoes and belts. Remove your cell phone and keys.  Remove any other metal items from your pockets. This probably sounds familiar: the process all passengers must go through before entering the gates at the …

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Unwritten rules

Freshmen go into their first year of high school with little to no information about what to expect. Many kids don’t have siblings attending the upper school so it can be a challenge to figure out the in’s and out’s of high school. It’s not necessarily the classes that freshman get so worried about, it’s not always about making friends, but it’s the “unwritten rules” that they need to know. Let’s take a walk through a day at Minnehaha Academy....

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Texting vs. talking

Sometimes shutting the phone off and interacting with the physical world around you is better....

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End summer break?

It would be wiser to have the school year last the whole year. Breaks would be more frequent and longer to compensate for the loss of the three summer months, but this way students would constantly be in the educational mindset, which would help them learn better, more, and faster. “If they’re just going to be hanging around at home playing video games,” says DiNardo, “it would be better for them to be in school.”

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Are some sports neglected?

Minnehaha's swimmers compete for the Metro United co-op team

Staff editorial MA must give equal support to all sports “Hello Minnehaha, and here are your daily announcements…” This is a familiar saying around Minnehaha Academy’s North campus. During these daily announcements, students hear and report important information, one of the hot topics being the upcoming sporting events. However, there …

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