2020 Antler Year in Photos

2020 Antler Year in Photos

The 2020 Antler staff compiled the year’s best yearbook photos into a slideshow for Redhawks to look back on. We hope you like it!

Photos by Zac Anderson, Stella Berlin, Dante Donato, Abby Hobrough, Eva Larson, Lily McClelland, Anna Noble, Karolína Čížmárová, Michael DiNardo, Jordan Erickson, Annika Johnson, Dylan Kiratli, Jake McCabe, Ann Oakman, Evan Taylor, Luke Von Arx, Beck Westrem, Mykelti Dillard Smith, Molly DiNardo. Maggi Ess, Owen Hoffner, Kobey Howze, Lindsay Irmiter, Elsa Johnson, Grace Kassebaum, Jaden Micco, John Misa, Reid Westrem and Jordana Torgeson. Slideshow by Eva Larson, Lily McClelland and Anna Noble.




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