Deity Sullivan: Writing

“The Peddles that Remain” – Deity Sullivan

After all the flower are picked up

And only peddles remain,

Small tears of the feeble children cover the desolate place

Like morning dew.

Furious she was, to her father he went

“Father, why must you cast us into sorrow?

What makes me different than the children who receive flowers?

Why must I live in agony

While the privileged live in happiness?” She says.

“My child, opportunities are given to all that ask.

It is what you do with your opportunities that makes you strong.” He said

” Am I not the strong? Am I not the Beautiful strong?

Who has prevailed through the decisions of the greedy.

No I am strong.

For I have been faced with the tragedies of life

And survived.

That makes me stronger then any of the privileged.” She said

” I am surrounded by poverty, illness, and greed

While the entitled hold their head high.

This is what makes me strong not feeble.”


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Emma is a senior staff writer and editor-in-chief of the Talon. She is passionate about journalism, writing, literature, and French. Emma plans to attend Bethel University in the fall and double major in English and Journalism. She enjoys writing features on arts and human interest topics and loves listening to people's stories. Her hobbies include reading, hiking and spending time with family.

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