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By Emma Melling

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Posted: May 2, 2016

Freshman Anna Forslund enjoys writing on her own time, and in the poem below, titled “Love Story,” Forslund tells the story of her great grandma and grandpa’s love. Forslund adds more in the writer’s note below.

“My great grandma died last year on Wednesday January 7th, 2015,” Forslund said. “She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s around three to four years before. My grandparent’s love story isn’t like most love poems you read, but I think it shows what real love is about. They taught me that love does not make life easy, but a life without love is not worth living.”


“Love Story” – Anna Forslund

They were only three months apart

93 and 92

She had a heart of gold

She smiled a warm, caring smile

And if you looked closely you could see the wisdom and love in her eyes

She had a quiet but comforting energy

That you could feel even in the silence

They were only three months apart

93 and 92

He had a heart full of opinions

He would voice them strongly and confidently

But at the end of the day, he cared about the people that he loves

He would do anything to protect them

He knows right from wrong and he would act upon it

(Even if that meant fighting fire with fire)

He was full of integrity

As long as you were on his good side

He would do anything to protect you and would always show his love through his actions

They were only three months apart

93 and 92

She was older but he didn’t care

He saw the soul inside and that is all that mattered

She balanced him and she brought peace in the gentlest and most graceful way that you could imagine

Together they were happy

Together they were balanced

Together they were loyal

And together there was care and love


Even when looks faded

His gut didn’t fail him about who she was inside

And he always tried to be the man that she deserved

Even when looks faded

She never disappointed him

And her patient, humble, warm, tender heart kept on loving with kindness and understanding

They were only three months apart

93 and 92

She looked at the world with curiosity and wonder

She saw people with optimism, sympathy, and charity

She believed in goodness and selflessness

He looked at her, for she was his world and she kept him sane

He saw people for who they truly were inside; good or bad

He believed in honesty and integrity, and wouldn’t tolerate anything less

He brought justice and she brought compassion

He had the voice and she would listen intuitively

They grew together

And made one another stronger and better than the day before

They never failed each other


They were only three months apart

93 and 92

He was the luckiest man in the world

And everyday that would pass, he wouldn’t feel unblessed

She brought hope and harmony wherever she went

Without saying a single word

They were only three months apart

93 and 92

After over 55 years of marriage

Things started to change

She became ill with Alzheimer’s, which has no cure

And he could not do anything to save her

He felt awful, mostly because he could not stop the most wonderful person from losing her memory

All he could do was show his love and support for her, and never stop

Since they lived in an old folks home

They were forced to live in separate rooms because she needed more care

The rooms were at the opposite sides of the building

He would go there everyday

It took awhile but just to see her for the little time he had

Even though she didn’t know who he was.

And that hurt him deeply; he still loved her even when it brought him the greatest pain

All he wanted was for her to be happy and feel like she was cared about

He would bring her flowers, because he knew she loved nature and that she hated that she could not go outside

She stayed the same and continued to be warm, kind, and gentle

He would go out of his way to support her and he knew that she was capable of realizing it

He loved her so much and she loved him but couldn’t remember it.

When he would enter her room, the woman that he has loved for all of his life…

She would see, what she thought was a stranger, walk in and say he was her husband

She saw the hurt in his eyes, but she didn’t know that it was because she could not remember him

But she could not do anything but show that she loves and is compassionate for him

And just because she couldn’t remember him doesn’t mean that she did not care about him any less (but just not more than any other)

They were only three months apart

93 and 92

He is a man with opinions but at the end of the day his actions spoke louder

She was a woman with a heart of gold and stayed that way until the end

And together there was balance and harmony which brought love

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