Junior Advisory Racewalking Championship

Racewalking from Redhawksonline on Vimeo.

Juniors hold nothing back in first annual racewalking championship

During Flex today, a new tradition was born as the junior boys’ advisories competed in the first annual racewalking championship. The competition, a relay race, was held on the Minnehaha soccer field. Each advisory selected eight students who walked a total of four field lengths.

An early lead by Lance Johnson’s advisory was nullified after senior referee Harry Wold called a controversial, 30-second “lifting both feet” penalty.

“In my eyes, it was the correct call,” said Wold. “I was looking for at least one foot down at all times. I could have called it earlier, but I wasn’t positive.”

Reid Westrem’s advisory, led by Soren “Bullet Train” Birkeland, took advantage of the penalty and won the competition by nearly a half-field.

“Winning the first ever speedwalking championship was a tremendous feeling,” said Birkeland, elated. “I can only hope that Mr. Westrem’s advisory can bring it home again next time.”



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