Student Showcase 2014

The annual student showcase, a compilation of scenes written, directed and performed by students, was held on Jan. 25 in the North Campus chapel. Six scenes were performed and two videos were shown, all listed below in order of the show:

“My Best Friend is a Smartphone” – Written & directed by Maggie Chamberlain

“Just Keep Trying” – Written & directed by Cameron Gerrity

“Try New Lemon Cranberry Splash” (Video) – Written & directed by Maggie Chamberlain

“Gerald and Leroy Learn Yoga” – Written & directed by Kitra Katz

“Miley Cyrus Sings a Children’s Song” – Written & directed by Maggie Chamberlain

“Labels” (Video) – Written & directed by Kate Brown, Saakje Hoekstra & Jona Bakke

“The Novelist” – Written & directed by Cole Dennis

“Interview of an Actor” – Written & directed by Cat Potts

Executive Producers – Emma Tyler & Annie Warnke

A slideshow of pictures from the showcase as well as the two videos featured are shown below. Slideshow and pictures by Maddie Binning.

Labels from Redhawksonline on Vimeo.


About Maddie Binning

Maddie Binning is a senior at Minnehaha Academy and Editor in Chief of the Talon Newspaper. Maddie has worked on the Talon for four years and hopes to study journalism in university. When she isn't working on the paper, Maddie is both a freelance photographer and a photographer at Lifetouch Portrait Studios. She also has a passion for reading, music and traveling.

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