Senior tributes

Senior Tributes

On this page, you will find an explanation, instructions and a creation/submission link for the Senior Tributes, which are published annually in the Antler yearbook.

JUNIORS: To learn more about Senior Tributes, read on … the deadline for Class of 2024 tributes will be mid-November of 2023.

The 2023 yearbook’s DEADLINE for Senior TRIBUTES was Friday, Nov. 18, 2022, for the Class of 2023.

What is a senior tribute?

Each year, the final section of the Antler yearbook consists of senior tributes, which are available in full-page, half-page, quarter-page and eighth-page sizes. Parents, grandparents and other family members often purchase tribute space for a graduating senior. Tributes consist of the senior’s name, along with text (such as a personal message, inspirational quote, favorite Bible verse) and contemporary and/or childhood photos.

If you are a parent who is interested in purchasing a tribute but not familiar with them, we suggest that you ask your son or daughter to show you the tributes sections from previous yearbooks. Antler yearbooks are also available at school for browsing. Purchasing a tribute is completely optional, of course.

How do you create and submit a senior tribute?

Parents create, pay for and submit their tributes online using JostensAdService. This service works much like the online services you may have used to create Christmas cards and event invitations; you choose a size, choose a template for the layout, type in your student’s name and add a message, upload photos, etc. Materials and payments should not be sent to school.

Why is the deadline in the fall? Why should I start early?

The yearbook staff needs to submit portions of the yearbook at various stages of the school year. The pages for portraits and tributes, along with fall events, are completed before Christmas. We set the deadlines in November so that we will have time to work with submitted materials before our deadline. Once a section is complete and submitted, it gets printed, so it’s not possible to add late entries.

It’s a good idea to start planning early. During the summer, November may seem a long way away, but the time will pass more quickly than you might imagine. Senior year is very busy for the whole family, especially with college visits and applications added to the usual list of things to do. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to plan ahead so that your tribute appears exactly as you’d wish.

Start planning

  • We recommend looking through past yearbooks to see the possibilities for messages, photos and layouts.
  • Consider the text you want to include. It may be a word of congratulations, an inspirational quote or Bible verse, shared memories or advice.
  • Consider which photo(s) you want to include. Find them! Low-resolution photos grabbed from most websites (Facebook, Instagram) won’t work. (High-resolution means 300 dpi at the print size; if you’re not sure how to check, a file 1 MB or larger usually works, but files 100 KB or less are too small and usually were pulled from websites.) If you have prints, scan them to make high-resolution digital files. We don’t recommend using the same photo you submitted for the Senior Portrait, because that will appear just a few pages away from the tribute.
  • If you plan to use several photos and/or a longer message, a larger tribute size may be needed.
  • The Jostens site will allow you to choose the template you wish to use (options shown below).
  • You may also create your own design completely (using Photoshop, for example). You would load your file into a “blank” template on the Jostens site. If you create your own, we request that you note the basic style characteristics of the templates (space dimensions, size of name, size of message text, etc.) to better match the overall look of the Senior Tributes section.

What do layout templates look like?

Click on the thumbnails below to view templates for each Senior Tribute size. Prices are as follows:

Eighth page: $75
Quarter page: $145
Half page: $195
Full page: $315
1/8-page templates
1/4-page templates









1/2-page templates
Full-page templates











Click here or on the Jostens logo to create your tribute.

The link will take you to the Jostens website. Click on “Yearbook Recognition Ads” and create an account (or log in to resume saved work). When you’re done, submit it to Jostens, and it will be sent to our yearbook pages.

Thank you!

Reid Westrem, yearbook adviser

[email protected]



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