Seasonal restaurants bring good food to popular sites

Stop for a bite at these eateries when you’re at Minnehaha Falls, Nokomis or Harriet

Finally approaches the Summer days, when people come out of their hidey-holes and enjoy the niceties of summer. Walks on the beach, a good amount of tourists, putting suntan lotion on in a cloudy day. Minnesotans also want to feel like they’re in Miami or San Francisco, without spending half their yearly budget attempting to have a good time there. Therefore, what says summer in Miami and San Francisco like seasonal restaurants? There are lots of seasonal restaurants out there to be discovered; here are some great picks to go for right here in the Twin Cities.


Bread and Pickle is a restaurant on Lake Harriet. This seasonal restaurant is a haven for just about everything that says ‘Summer’ in Minnesota. From cheese curds to salads to breakfast dishes, there’s something for everyone at Bread and Pickle.

“In 1987… I needed a job and the first job that I got was cooking”, states Kim Bartmann, the manager for Bread and Pickle.

Bartmann also invited us to “eat organic eggs, heritage wheat pasta, locally farmed meats and sustainably harvested seafood in all my places. Everyone is welcome!”


The Sea-Salt Eatery is a gem right next to Minnehaha Falls. It’s an excellent location for business and it has all the basics one needs for a wonderful day out in the park. The menu features tacos and Po’Boys, as well as all kinds of seafood, such as Calamari, Oysters, fried Catfish and much more. Their repertoire also serves ice cream, which one can substitute for jumping into the falls themselves on a sweltering day.


The restaurant that goes by the name of Sandcastle is a perfect place to pick up a little something while enjoying your time out on Lake Nokomis. You wouldn’t be able to find a better place to enjoy your time without looking very closely for one. It is a one-of-a-kind lake with a beautiful trail around it. It’s everything to suggest that the area is an ocean beach, except that it isn’t one.

“I was interested in working somewhere outside in general so I can enjoy the good weather, especially when it’s the nicest time of the year.”

When asked to state why people should come to Sandcastle, Julia Larson, a former Minnehaha student who graduated in 2018, stated,

“People should come here because you get a great view of the lake, you get really good food; it’s all home-made in the kitchen by really good chefs…. To recommend a dish, it would be fish tacos.”


In the end, going out to a majestic lake or an incredibly historic waterfall to get some food or a tasty treat doesn’t hurt once in a while. It’s a good get-together location and looking at these places just winds you down a bit. Get out there and encounter people you lost connections with and try to enjoy yourselves once in a while in what is going to look like a very prosperous summer.


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