Fortnite falling fast

Fortnite falling fast

The worlds most popular game is losing its momentum


After the release of Fortnite Battle Royale on July 25, 2017 the number of players has skyrocketed from less than 1 million within the first month to over 125 million players in June, 2018. Players from around the world can play on six platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox one, Nintendo Switch, Apple Mac and Mobile. After a recent update on September 26 players are now able to cross play with other platforms through Epic Games. This means that millions have joined the Fortnite hype, and the number of players is most likely closer to 150 million now.

According to SuperData’s latest findings, Fortnite’s revenue growth has slowed down in recent months. The game had a 32% revenue growth between April and March. This number went all the way down to 2% between June and July. This drastic change suggests that Fortnite Battle Royale’s peak days are behind it, but it may not be as bad as it sounds.

Admissions Counselor Jacob Swanson, who has been playing Fortnite for just over a year, thinks that Fortnite will remain popular simply due to that fact that it’s free to play.

“You can play the entirety of the game, and become very good, without spending a dime,” said Swanson. “That coupled with the fact that EPIC is starting to create tournaments that any player can participate in and win prize money.”

Many people wonder why the younger generations can’t stop playing these games. Almost every video game is designed to make you want to play it more. Fortnite is exceptionally good at keeping player coming back match after match. Fortnite has improved ideas, creating an effective evolutionary step rather than a leap.

“Video game companies are unbelievable good at not only marketing to their base (not just teenagers), but also creating an environment within the game where the player feels the need to keep playing,” said Swanson. “Whether it’s trying to hone their skill or grind for that next unlockable customization option players feel the need to keep playing.  They get that shot of adrenaline and endorphins when they win or finally achieve a goal they’ve been working toward and then want to chase that feeling again.”

In Fortnite the main thing that is keeping players come back to play everyday is loot that can be found all around the map. These items around the map leads to what is known as a variable-ratio schedule in psychology. At anytime a weapon that can grant a player a significant advantage might just be meters away. The hope of finding a desirable item along with occasional reward is exciting for gamers.

“As an adult I don’t feel the need to constantly be playing video games, and can’t with two young kids, but I do fully understand the adrenaline rush and addictive nature that games like Fortnite pose.”

It’s hard to nail down what the next top trending will be, but Swanson believes that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be top trending for at least a while this fall and early winter.

“Rockstar, the game developer, has a history of making unbelievable open world games and they usually win video game critics, “Game of the Year” awards when their games are released,” said Swanson. “That being said, if the new Call of Duty battle royal mode “Blackout” goes free to play I could see that game becoming a huge hit as well.”


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