Job changes – Ryan Larson

Many students know Ryan Larson as one of the directors for the upper school band. But this year he’s taken on a new role, as a member of the tech team.

“I’ve always had a fascination with technology. I’ve enjoyed using it in my own classroom, and I think it’s a great tool for all of us to improve our lives,” Larson said. To be clear, Larson is not quitting his job as a band director. He works part time as a director, and the other part on the tech team. So far this year, Larson and the team have been working with the new smart boards, Schoology, IPad deployment, password resetting and computer troubleshooting.

One of Larson’s tech co-workers is Samuel Terfa, who also teaches AP physics. “What I like most about him, from a practical standpoint, is that he’s a teacher, and he knows teachers, and he knows he’s got a teacher perspective, so he thinks when we make technology decisions about how this affects teachers, and what would be best for teachers, and I appreciate that as a teacher myself,” Terfa said.

“Probably the best part of it is just being able to have that satisfaction of helping someone else solve a problem that was frustrating to them and that you can help to relieve that,” Larson said when asked what the best part of working on the tech team was. In the future, Larson expects to be working with new iPad apps and furthermore incorporating technology into MA classrooms.


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