New teachers: Jacquelyn Dell’Arciprete and Greg Ellis, spanish

Jacquelyn Dell’Arciprete has spent her life traveling the world and discovering the beauty and utility of the Spanish language. Having taught Latin American and Spanish language and culture across the United States, she joins Minnehaha from a teaching position at North Central University. Dell’Arciprete connected with the Minnehaha Academy community through her passion for Spanish.

Dell'Arciprete copyweb“My husband and I are now actually church planters with Covenant churches and we work with a predominantly Latino congregation in Minneapolis. We use the space at the South Campus for our first gatherings,” she said. It is through this connection that Dell’Arciprete first heard about the teaching position available at the Upper School.

Dell’Arciprete has traveled extensively in Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Spain, and uses the Spanish language not only in the classroom but also at home with her husband and two young daughters.

“My husband is from Argentina, and so at home we speak probably 90 percent Spanish. I have a one-year-old and a four-year-old, and they’re very bilingual,” she said, smiling.

Dell’Arciprete will be teaching Spanish 2 and 3 this year. Greg Ellis, who is teaching Spanish 1 this year, also works as a pastor at a Covenant church called The Table which he helped to plant in Edina. In addition, Anne Calvin will continue to teach Spanish 4 and AP Spanish 5 and a Spanish amity will be arriving at the beginning of the spring semester to assist with classes.ellisweb


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