Parents impact on Minnehaha

Parent groups gather together to pray, support, volunteer to keep school strong

Teachers, faculty and students aren’t the only people that keep Minnehaha running. Parents play a huge role in the school’s activities.

Whether it is being in a prayer group, volunteering, working in the athletic department or helping new families, Minnehaha parents are active members of the school’s community.

“Parents in the high school are really important to us in a lot of ways,” said upper school principal Nancy Johnson. “They provide support to some really important programs to us.”

There are two prayer groups at Minnehaha. Moms in Prayer and MAMAS. Both groups meet once a week in the prayer chapel at North Campus.

Moms in Prayer, which used to be called Moms in Touch, is a group of current Minnehaha parents. This group meets every Tuesday and there are about eight members.

Twice a year, usually around conferences and the end of the year, the prayer groups provide treats for the teachers as a thank you for all the work they do for the school.
The group designates three Minnehaha employees a week to pray for.

The Sunday before they meet they send an email to those three asking for prayer requests regarding them individually, their family, or students.

“As new parents come to the school [we] are offering [this group] as a way to connect with them and to share our faith together,” said, Judy Cummings, a moms in prayer member. “We just want it to continue.”

They follow the ACTS form of prayer – adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication – and respond to specific prayer requests.

“I need [prayer] as much as I need oxygen,” said a Moms in Prayer member Giovanna Rogers.
“Prayer is my connection [to God] that I desperately need, and I am so thankful for the power of prayer.”

The other group is called MAMAS, which stands for Minnehaha Academy moms of alumni. They are a part of Moms in Prayer International.

The MAMAS meet every Thursday. The group has about seven members, some are parents of alums and others are alums themselves.

“Prayer is like a lifeline for me,” said Cindy Calvin, member since 2003 and former Minnehaha teacher.
“I simply could not get through my week if I didn’t have this intensive time of prayer with like minded sisters in Christ.”

Just like the Moms in Prayer group, the MAMAS pray for school events, students and faculty. Calvin said that they pray “that Minnehaha will always stay true to its mission and motto.”
These groups help Minnehaha in ways that aren’t known. They pray individually for people who may be having a hard time but also for upcoming events at school like AP tests, finals and spring sports.

For the privacy of the students, teachers and faculty ,the prayer requests are kept confidential.

“I think that they are watching out for us in ways that we don’t even think about,” said front desk and commons coordinator Mary Gosselin.
“They’re thinking of all the things that are going on here. They look at the big picture of things at Minnehaha, and they pray about that.”

Both of the prayer groups stressed the fact that they wanted Minnehaha students to know that they are being prayed for.

Some parents are connected to Minnehaha because they volunteer at events like the arena sale and the auction.
Parents are involved in many areas of the school-not only the faith and volunteer aspect but also in athletics. They participate in a booster club by fundraising for all Minnehaha sports.

Some parents are involved in a mentoring program for new families through the admissions office. New families are set up with a current family. The current family is there to guide the new family through the transition into Minnehaha.

Due to parents who dedicate their time to helping, Minnehaha has a good environment for students to learn as they grow.


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